Horus understands that our results are only as good as our research ability which has driven us to continually strive to develop new tools, sources, and datasets to enhance our ability to collect relevant information and understand it via the Horus Analytical Research Toolkit (HART). This has included:

  • Collaboration with the University of Oxford Computer Science Department & the UK Cyber Security Centre
  • Employment of programmers on bespoke projects
  • Continual consultation with subject matter experts.

Horus is also part of a Key Technology Partnership with the Oxford E-Research Department which is currently developing a unique data management tool - the Horus Hub.

Our research into the collection of Open Source information has produced a range of tools that augment human skills to enhance our ability, from bespoke web-crawlers to custom search engines.

This bespoke service produces accurate and relevant intelligence, by experienced practitioners. Providing detailed, clear and objective assessments, ensuring peace of mind through;

RELIABILITY - Timely, accurate and referenced with content and value

ETHICALITY - Intelligence sourced in an ethical manner and produced to the UK National Intelligence Model standards

EXPERIENCE - Intelligence products created by experienced practitioners with law enforcement and private sector backgrounds

Delivering a range of products, including:

  • Daily Reports, Weekly Digests and Threat Assessments
  • PREVENT related Subject Profiles
  • Comparative Case Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis
  • i2 Intelligence Products
  • Threat and Risk Matrices