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Security Solutions

Meeting the needs of clients who work, travel or are planning expansion overseas.  Drawing on real-world experience, utilising language skills and advanced open-source collection and analysis capabilities to provide user-friendly, tailor-made reports & briefings. 

Insight is an intelligence led service for those who operate in challenging commercial environments. Our service is based on ethically sourced information which is robustly analysed, disseminated in a timely manner and stored to an evidential standard.

Horus’ Investigations offer a number of services based entirely on client direction. These services include, where directed, the investigation and assessment of Open Source materials, the deep and the dark web. All investigations are undertaken by experienced and appropriately trained staff. All underpinning sources are fully disclosed to the client.

Horus Security Consultants are experienced security practitioners with mixed backgrounds and a wealth of experience across all sectors. Trained at national and international schools of excellence, which enables Horus to offer a wide-range of high-quality security consultancy services that can be tailored to suit a clients’ specific needs.

Horus is a market leader in this field due to its ability to consistently discover potential insider attempts and derogatory candidate information pre-hire.

In order to fit the client’s needs Horus offers bespoke packages built around the inherent risk profiles of each individual client. Are on-line portal allows for the monitoring of the screening progress by client HR and management.