About Us

Horus has been providing high end security services to the Far East since 2015. Now with a growing team in place and unrivalled experience in its leadership team, the Singapore operation is growing in new sectors and new markets.

About Horus Asia Pacific

From its base in the vibrant Central Business District of the city, our Singapore team offers the same complete range of services as other parts of the Horus group and, working with them, helps to ensure we can provide round-the-clock, all time zones coverage for our clients, whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Our core principles


Value creation, integrity services and ‘best in class’ quality for all clients.


Ethicality in our information gathering and investigations processes.


Providing balance and relevance to all our services.

Continuous Development

Continuous development of staff (our most valuable asset) and technological resources.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Fully committed to inclusivity and diversity – ensuring that all employees are valued and respected across the Horus Family.

Community Commitments

Continually strive to contribute to sustainability – both with positive actions, leadership and example. Alongside supporting social and charitable causes.

Horus only uses publicly available information from the internet

Unlike many other security organisations, HAP have never used informants, nor undertaken the practices of hacking, false flagging, or other intrusive techniques. This means that HAP are able to completely protect client reputation, whilst providing Security Screening and Open Source collection material which is entirely disclosable.

Horus Security Consultancy (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. is a private limited company registered in Singapore. Registration number: 201503777W. Registered office: 14 Robinson Road, 08-01A Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545.

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