Security Screening

Security screening is one of our most popular products, provided to some of the most highly regarded, high profile organisations in the world.

Our Security Screening service

We offer a complete menu of options, from the most basic, pre-employment checks to a fully bespoke service, to enhance our clients’ security strategies and reduce their exposure to risks.

Our clients use our security screening service not only to conduct pre-hire checks, but also to protect against insider threats, saving their organisations from disruption and from future and current employee risks.

Our Security screening service offers:​

Tailored DBS

BS7858 & BPSS screening

Bespoke online
client interface

Tailored open source checks

Criminality checks in 75+ countries​​

Financial probity checks​​

800+ sanction lists

CV verification​​

Reference/employment/education checks

Directorship checks​​

Expert research team

Our team of analysts are specifically trained and developed, providing a blend of in-depth scrutiny and succinct summary, giving our clients exactly what they need to assess and act on any employee, or potential employee risks.

We have also developed our own online portal (Horus Online Screening System – HOSS) to make it easier for our clients to upload information.

HOSS was built by our R&D team to provide a seamless interface between the key stakeholders in screening – candidates, recruiters, corporate security and Horus. It is packaged in an online portal accessible from any internet-enabled device, and employs a clear, user-friendly traffic light reporting system

Horus Online Screening System (HOSS)

HOSS (Horus Online Screening System)

For clients using our screening services, our R&D team built a tailored platform to provide a seamless interface between the key stakeholders in the screening process – candidates, recruiters, corporate security and our own team.

HOSS was built from the ground up and is packaged in an online portal accessible from any internet-enabled device, making it as easy and efficient as possible to upload and download data and information.

It ensures our clients have a robust and auditable process that gives key oversight and visibility on the progress and outcome of screening at every level of the business.

HOSS (Horus Online Screening System) V3

  • Our new system allows clients to search for candidates faster and easier.
  • Clients are able to add candidates in a time-efficient manner.
  • Our R&D have implemented a function to add multiple candidates in one session.
  • Clients are now able to view their candidates screening progress.

What truly separates us from the crowd is the mix of our highly qualified and trained staff and our commitment to providing custom-tailored products to meet and reflect clients’ individual security requirements.

Our Researchers and analysts are all postgraduates who, by their very nature, are analytical people. This, combined with our bespoke reporting style, designed to give a balance of in-depth assessment and succinct summary, allows us to provide clients with high quality products on potential risks, which empower the decision maker to act with confidence.

The Horus Legal Counsel is an experienced Senior Solicitor who is an expert on International Conventions on Human Rights, and who conducts regular internal audits of all aspects of our data holdings and methodology. We have also been subject to rigorous and successful external scrutiny and review.