Travel Security

We provide a comprehensive travel security safety net for foreign students living abroad, tourists who need extra guidance and reassurance, and employees in unfamiliar territories.

Our Travel Security service

Our travel security services are provided via two dedicated operations.

Horus Global

Horus Global provides an easily accessible 24/7 information network, accessible via our Horus-i app.

This provides continuous monitoring for ‘as it happens’ information about anything from news alerts to weather warnings. Given the latest news, you can assess the situation for yourself and make an informed decision – based on the practices and procedures for safe travel that Horus Global provides.

  • Receive alert notifications via the app for locations designated by you as being of interest.
  • Your family can monitor your progress from the control panel
  • ‘WatchMeClosely’ feature for instant assistance from Horus experts
  • Turn monitoring on/off whenever you wish.
  • Contact the local emergency services via the app

Horus-i App

The Horus-i app is an intelligence dissemination platform that provides an easily accessible 24/7 information network of ‘as it happens’ alerts about events and occurrences that may impact your travel or cause concern.

More than 3,000 people have downloaded our user-friendly global travel security app.