The investigations we conduct for our clients are undertaken by a specialist team with particular experience in deep, complex open-source probes and law enforcement operations.

Our Investigations service

We deliver all aspects of complex investigation, from planning to implementation, delivery to evidential standards, and compliance with government and regulatory requirements.

Open source investigations

Monitoring of the internet relevant to set objectives including mass media, social networks, blogs and forums. Online Vulnerability Assessments for individuals who face a threat due to the role they have in the client’s organisation. Use of specialist proprietary software to conduct tailored monitoring, gathering, and analysis of information relating to subjects or commodities of interest.

Specialist investigations 

Specialist due diligence investigations on individuals or companies to identify risks or vulnerabilities particularly those presented by ‘insider threats’, mergers and acquisitions and individuals of interest. Specialist investigation of the dark web to profile subjects of interest through analysis of their online footprint and social media. Supporting internal investigations with a view to gathering independent intelligence to assist clients in either proving or disproving allegations made against staff members.

Our Investigation service offers:​

Due diligence

Evidential Test Purchase

Product Security Investigations

Physical Penetration Testing

Online Vulnerability Assessments

Bespoke Investigations

The capability and experience of our team ensure that we always deliver what our clients need, while meeting the highest ethical, regulatory, and legal standards.

Our dedicated team of investigators blends the experience and skills of law enforcement specialists with an extensive knowledge of relevant complex criminal investigations, together with cyber-savvy researchers and analysts who can operate discreetly on both the open and dark web.

We have particular experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and have also been successful supporting the manufacturing and technology sectors in managing brand and revenue loss prevention.

The proven track record of our team mean we are well versed in the handling of highly sensitive and commercially valuable information without fear of compromise. Intelligence is lawfully captured to recognised evidential standards, should it be required to support subsequent criminal or civil enforcement activity.