Security Consultancy

Our team provides bespoke security consultancy advice to projects and organisations worldwide, each with their own unique requirements.

Our Security Consultancy

From new builds to refurbishments, and from design advice to security reviews and audits, we provide security consultancy services across the full range of commercial and not-for-profit organisations, from multi-nationals to sole traders and everything in between.

Our Security consultancy service offers:​

Security design advice

SABRE Assessments

Security Needs Assessments

Full project lifecycle service

Risk Registers

Strategic assessments

Our highly experienced security consultancy team ensures our clients understand their security risks and provides them with detailed advice on the most cost effective mitigation measures.

We provide security consultancy services based on the considered threat to our clients, provided either at the pre-planning stage for construction projects, throughout a project’s lifecycle, or simply during normal business operations as part of the client’s wider security programme.

We have also developed our own asset management system (Horus Risk and Asset Mapping System – HRAMS) for complex sites needing a detailed capture of floorplans, contacts, and hazards, to make client security planning simpler and more effective.

Horus Risk & Asset Mapping System (HRAMS)


HRAMS is our bespoke system providing seamless, integrated security for clients with large, complex estates and facilities.

Enabling locations and facilities to be catalogued with detailed floorplans, room information, potential hazards, and safety equipment, HRAMS is an invaluable resource for security teams and, because no clients are the same, it is completely customisable and as a completely new, separate platform for each of our clients using it.


SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE) is a security assessment and certification standard for buildings, infrastructure and managed space. SABRE can be used by developers, owners, occupiers and planning authorities to set high standards of security risk management for the design and construction of new developments, and the operation of existing facilities.

Successful assessments result in a SABRE Rating ranging from ‘Acceptable’ (1 star) to ‘Outstanding’ (5 stars). Certification can be used to demonstrate your commitment to security, evidence value for money, attract security-minded tenants, and much more.

Horus Security Consultancy Ltd is a SABRE Licensed Company (ref: SLC-022) and our SABRE Registered Assessors can support clients at all stages of a development’s lifecycle, including:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Design Stage assessment
  • Shell & Core assessment
  • As built assessment
  • In-use assessment

All of our SABRE Registered Assessors have experience in the field of security risk management and working on a range of development types. 

We will help you set a target SABRE Rating and work with all members of the client’s team to help ensure that target is adhered to. We provide a tailored service at all applicable stages of the building’s lifecycle and are a valued member of the team.

We can also provide a number of technical SABRE services to support the assessment process, including:

  • Threat and Risk assessment;
  • Security strategy;
  • Security management plan (‘Concept of Operations’).

SABRE certification also results in the award of an Innovation Credit for new construction projects working towards BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 approval.

Contact us at to see how we can assist you in achieving SABRE certification for your facility.