Insight is an intelligence led service for those who operate in challenging commercial environments. Our service is based on ethically sourced information which is robustly analysed, disseminated in a timely manner and stored to an evidential standard.

Guiding Principles - The intelligence Cycle

The Horus Insight process is guided by our client's individual needs and provides a methodical framework for the production of high quality, timely intelligence reporting that can give a business the competitive edge.

Regardless of the threat facing you or your company, the Horus Insight team can provide gold-standard intelligence reporting guided by key principles:

  • Accuracy
  • Objectivity
  • Relevance
  • Timeliness
  • Continuous Review
No Such Thing As Routine

Insight provides monitoring based on client information requirements and reporting is tailored to accommodate the way your organisation works. Whether you require daily, weekly or quarterly assessments, we offer the ability to create bespoke styles to suit when and how you need to be informed.

Horus Security - Insight
Advanced Research & Analysis Tools

Insight utilises the Horus Analysis and Research Toolset (HART) to aid in 'point in time' and real-time collection and analysis of digital sources. These tools allow us great flexibility in our capability while at the same time enhancing our ability to evidentially capture open source information.

All of our services feedback into HART and its continual development is directed by analyst recommendations and observations.

Horus Security - tools

Screening is supported by our continued development of a bespoke set of systems we call the Horus Analysis and Research Toolset, or HART. These systems enhance our ability to process volumes of information from a wide array of sources and drill down to information relevant to specific cases.

For screening specifically it also provides some key capabilities:

  • Event Screening
  • Evidential Collection
  • Deep Web Mining
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