Our investigation team, based in the Horus London office, consists of a diverse group of subject matter experts which successfully blends cyber savvy academics together with former career detectives.  The team possess relevant operational experience in managing and conducting complex open source investigations, which includes the deep and dark web.

Our investigators have a wide range of specialist skills and can assist with all aspects of investigation from the planning stage through to witness interviewing and liaison with government, regulatory and law enforcement bodies, where required.

The capability of our investigation team ensures that Horus operates effectively in the most challenging of situations, be that in physical or online environments, whilst remaining lawfully compliant and meeting the recognised evidential standards. As a result, Horus ensures that its integrity and core values, and that of its clients, are appropriately maintained.


SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS - Pre or post event investigations into incidents, individuals, groups or businesses utilising disclosable sources and, where required, conducted to the UK's recognised evidential standards. 

ONLINE VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENTS - Identifying potential vulnerabilities posed to businesses and individuals as a result of their online footprint and the provision of comprehensive advice to mitigate risks. 

DUE DILIGENCE - A comprehensive appraisal of a business or an individual in order to establish assets and liabilities and to identify potential reputational and physical security risks. 

PRODUCT SECURITY - Investigations into the illegitimate trade of genuine and counterfeit products, including evidential purchases activity, conducted to the recognised standards in support of civil or criminal proceedings.

BESPOKE INVESTIGATIONS - Investigations not necessarily directed at an individual, group or business, following explicit client requirements.