Ethically sourced and conducted in accordance with all local data protection legislation. Our screening serves to inform clients decision making processes to maintain high business security standards through the prevention of negligent hiring.

We deliver a range of products and services, including;

  • BS 7858
  • Basic Open Source Screening
  • Single Issue Reporting
  • Enhanced Open Source Screening
  • Full Character Due Diligence Reporting
  • Overseas Criminal Records Guidance Service

Horus' Online Screening Service (HOSS) has been built from the ground up to allow a seamless interface between the key stakeholders in the screening process.

Management through creating, assessing and closing candidate screening is integrated between the candidates, recruiters, corporate security and Horus, and is efficiently packaged in an online portal accessible anywhere the user has an internet-enabled device.

HOSS provides the backbone to a robust and auditable process that gives key oversight and visibility on the progress and outcome of screening at every level of the business.

Horus Security - Security Screening
People and Assessment

What truly separates us from the crowd is the mix of our highly qualified and trained staff and our commitment to providing custom-tailored products to meet and reflect clients’ individual security requirements.
Our Researchers and analysts are all postgraduates who, by their very nature, are analytical people. This, combined with our bespoke reporting style, designed to give a balance of in-depth assessment and succinct summary, allows us to provide clients with high quality products on potential risks, which empower the decision maker to act with confidence.

  • Traffic light simplicity
  • Original sources can be provided
  • Bespoke options
Legal Scrutiny

The Horus Legal Counsel is an experienced Senior Solicitor who is an expert on International Conventions on Human Rights, and who conducts regular internal audits of all aspects of our data holdings and methodology. We have also been subject to rigorous and successful external scrutiny and review.