Horus Asia Pacific Core Principles

At Horus, our values and core principles are all about support, diversity, community and commitment. The organisations, projects and teams we support have all been nominated by members of the Horus team. 

We believe strongly in supporting our clients, supporting each other, and supporting communities. We work as a collaborative, unified team and support all our staff with personal development plans. Our people are the heart of the business, and we are very proud to have a diverse workforce in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity.  

At Horus Security, we understand the importance of a list of core principles that we continually refer to when we carry out business. From continually developing our team and technology to following the highest standards and ethical principles in the services we deliver to our clients. Our core principles are at the heart of what we do.  

Our values & principles


We take the time to listen and support our clients to achieve a service that is fully tailored around their requirements and adaptable to the growth of the relationship. 

Continuous development

We believe in the development of not only our people and technology but also our process. Our team regularly undergo various training courses which can provide a wider and more detailed service offering for our clients, this development also keeps Horus relevant and current in the marketplace. 


We are committed to diversity at all levels within our organisation. By opening our minds and challenging bias, we create openness to change and innovation, engender respect and create great work for our clients. 


We seek to provide balanced and relevant solutions to the challenges that our clients face in their operating sectors and always deliver our products and services at the rate in which our clients are able to fully digest.  


At Horus, we follow the highest standards and ethical principles in the services we deliver to our clients. 

Transparency and full legal compliance

Everything we collect is to an evidential standard meaning our clients can rely on Horus products and services in both the civil and criminal courts.