Horus-I app updates

We have continued to invest a great deal of time, energy, and resource to push our technology capability forward in 2022 and this focus has resulted in several key developments and new product releases in the year, some of which are detailed below.

Some improvements include:

  • Continued advanced functionality  
  • Upgraded mobile framework to allow greater location tracking and functionality  
  • New Cluster feature which allows alerts to be displayed as grouped ‘hot-spots’ 

The team are now finalising a new feature which will allow clients to identify locations of significant interest for their users (such as office locations) and this will hit the relevant App stores very soon. 

Dissemination Platforms

Our developers are using our core Horus-I technology to develop a new secure platform for clients to access their Insight reporting. This provides clients with instant access to unlimited reports and alerts whilst being protected through multiple layers of security. Clients can access additional information using our new Request for Information feature. 

The team have continued to develop this product further by adding a secure communication channel for groups of users. These developments not only continue to facilitate the intelligence cycle and improve Horus-I’s safety and security features but also provide further command and control functionality for clients.